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[BUG] Kaineng Overlook Strike

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I don't know if Anet intended this to happen. But during  Kaineng Overlook Strike, I got disconnected and when I returned back before the strike was over. It place my dead character to the base platform with no way up of restarting from check point; that was not the checkpoint above were we normally respawn, which prevented me from getting the thruster control Unit.


If this was intended- Please, just boot the player out of the strike if our character 'dies' so we could at leave form another team and not waste time waiting for the rest of the squad to beat it. 

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Tried it again today, still no drop.  But I have notice during each run after the first where I couldn't get to the upper level.  at the other platform- there is no chest. None of my runs have a chest showing and I asked a squad member to take me to the location and there was nothing on my end.

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