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So i got to test my guardian as WB in contents across pve, wvw, and spvp.  And here are stuff that I think could be used for improvement, because ..as  you probably noticed how competent we are.


F1 Rushing Justice - Abit clunky, as the WB completely comes to a stop at the end of the dash to make an uppercut with quite abit of cast time.  I would say tune down this cast time would help. The cone is too narrow, too easy to miss target.  If these 3 lines instead form a spiral with the WB as center, I think it makes a decent AOE instead. 

F2 Flowing Resolve - The dash feels abit... underwhelming.  Make it a 600 range instead of 450 imo. 

F3 Crashing Courage - I feel it's at a good spot, though the cast time feels a tad bit long for my taste. Knocking down 1/4 second off the casting time  would be great service.


Sword - 4 Executioner's Calling - Damage feels abit underwhelming, could use abit buff in this regard.  This skill suffers 2 casting times, one for initial strike and one for the double strike.  Therefore It feels very clunky and makes the WB very susceptible to cc.  Increase the attack speed abit I'd say.


 Reversal of Fortune - Just bad. With the Herald's Glint healing in mind (comes with intial heals and infinite attack negations and healing),  this skill is terrible - only block once per cast, and putting the WB in an inaction state and the heal is very bad. There's no way this is a competition for shelter.   At least let the WB get like 3k base heal upfront, and let the WB free to do any actions during the block period.  A successful block should heal for another equal amount and remove a condi.  


 Whirling Light - Bugged. Doesnt attack all 5 targets in range. Target seems to need to be in some weird cone. Damage is underwhelming, could use an increase and put a 0.5 second dodge frame please. There's no way this skill can compete with signet or meditation for a slot as is.


 Flash Combo -  Not sure what is really the goal for this skill. The damage is trivial. And it seems to be a cheap imitation of  thief's sword skill . I would say add fury/resolution and up the damage or something.

 Heaven's Palm - inadequate as an elite in terms of effect, casting time and recharge (bane signet, warrior stomp are just better as a regular utility).  Recharge should be in line with Feel My Wrath (around 30s),  cast time at 1s instead, and throw in 5 stack of might or something like vulnerability or weakness please.  Instead of knockback on surround enemy, just knocking down is much helpful.


Major Adept - Power for Power -  Instead of WB flame dealing increased damage, I'd trade for 20% CDR on physical skills.

Minor Master -  Righteous Sprint  - Should also add   while swiftness is active, take 5% less damage from foes in melee range. Because we just don't have that great of a HP pool.

 Holy Reckoning - one stack of might on activating a virtue is very underwhelming.  Should throw in removing a damaging condition on virtue activation on a internal CD of 5 second or something.


Major Grandmaster -  Deathless Courage   - too niche to be used in general game play or even pvp, correct me if i'm wrong. GW2 isn't like diablo 3 where you constantly obliterate mobs in matters of seconds to make some mileage of this skill.  Courage already makes you tanky for the duration, you don't need this effect for the most part.   I'd recommend to scrap this trait and make something like,  while WB flame is active, you deals extra damage and receive reduced damage from strike and condi by X %. 


Well, finally got this off my chest, not that I think it will be listened.




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I like Flash Combo as an extra blink/shadow step when SW2 and JI is on cool down to chase targets through walls in sPvP or to disengage by running towards a further target. But the skill alone is horrible, it does lackluster damage, the radius is too tiny (99% of the time you won't get all hits in), and if you don't get all hits in you don't get Repose to disengage.


Repose is also conflicting in it's design where Flash Combo is assumed to bring you in from a distance to dish out major damage then Repose away and reposition. Even in PvE Repose doesn't have a great effect since mobs know where to track you after you Repose. The skill needs a major rework, either buff damage and/or make all hits connect for a guaranteed Repose, and Repose should be instant like JI for better synergy.

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