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Dragon end nerf the meta or no money

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9 hours ago, prinny.5176 said:

Dragon end nerf the meta or no money

A valid point, I'd say.

Right now my experience with this meta is unpleasant. Unfortunately that ruins the overall satisfaction with EoD for me.

I'm part of a 300+ member guild with the youngest member aged 35 or so. Most people are in their 40's or 50's meaning: very limited time available for gaming in general, but tons of money to spend without much hesitation. All our guild members live in one country, we all profit from relatively high wages here. Imagine this: If there is a gen 1 legendary I'm interested in I could a.) spend weeks or even months grinding the stuff needed for crafting or b.) work three to four hours in real life (if you're on average wages here, for most people in my guild it's more like one hour), buy gems for the money earned, sell those gems for gold, buy the legendary. Or to put it the other way 'round: Crafting a gen 1 legendary requires roughly the same amount of time as saving money up for a new Porsche.

Playing games is not all about efficency of course. And who really needs a second Porsche? 🙂 But ask yourself: Where are all those gems coming from you can buy ingame for gold?

I wouldn't claim my guild to be representative for the overall GW2 playerbase in any way, sure. My gut feeling is, however, the vast majority of long term GW2 players is not the youngster with almost unlimited time to play. I have fond memories of that time in my life when I was gaming on my Commodore 64 with friends wasting endless hours, but not much money (we didn't have that). I was a quite competent player back then, well trained reflexes, good muscle memory, rushing through difficult content without much thought. 40 years later my reflexes are bad, retraining muscle memory is a long term effort, from my former self's perspective I'm a bad player now. Hell, I even struggle with this new fishing stuff, honestly.

I'm not sure it's economically wise for ArenaNet to focus that much on hardcore-nolife-gamers as they have done with this meta. They are very vocal, true, and backed by youtubers/streamers who play ten hours a day for a living, for their audience. But will they spend money in the game?

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