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Question: During Dragon End meta, is it a good idea to attack both head and tail?

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I wanted to see what people thought about this strategy.  Oftentimes the group has to go back and forth on the platform between the head and tail. 


From what I am told, while in the tail phase, the the damage to the dragon head side is reduced. 


This forces players to focus down on the tail when it's phase spawn.  

But commanders send everybody to the tail. 

Seem that none of the damage done to the tail counts towards the overall health bar of the boss. Only the head attacks count towards the overall boss health.


So I was wondering if it's a good idea to split the group during the tail phase, and either have


1) 75% go to the tail while 25% stay attacking the Head, which still contribute to boss health damage. 




2) 25% go to tail, and 75% stay attacking Head, which still contribute to boss health damage.




3) we split it 50/50 with half going tail and half staying on the head to still contribute to the boss health damage. 


Would any of these strategy be better for the Dragon End Metaboss fight over sending everybody back and forth chasing tails.    


What's yall thoughts on this?


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Just came out of a run where 25% were sent to do tail, didn't turn out well because tail died way too slow.

Most success by far (10%) was when our commander had mesmers portal us back after killing tail, and that was with a really mediocre squad (poor cc, slow dps).

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