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Server Stability.

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All complaints aside,


If I had to pick one thing and only ONE thing to complain about...


It's that your Meta events for all EOD maps consistently crash mid-event.  And not like, for one person.  I can't count on both hands the number of Meta events I've been involved in this week where my entire squad got booted and upon zoning back in, zoned back into a map that did not do the pre-events and therefore the Meta was already over and dead (not event mentioning the number of times the cannons in Seitung spawning without Break Bars, thus making the event impossible to complete.


And with the EOD Meta events being quite long, this is especially infuriating when you're 15 minutes in, or at the freaking boss of the event.


This is a serious problem for your current expansion and needs to be addressed.

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1 hour ago, Caitybee.3614 said:

I haven't crashed once doing EoD metas.


That's great for you, but unfortunately not the experience a lot of us are having.


I have had many meta events happen fine, but it's also happened numerous times that everyone crashes. We all get back in, and we're at the start waypoint of the zone together, and the meta is just... gone.


Currently hasn't happened in Dragon's End... but every other map, it has.

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