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[Suggestion] Jade Bot Battery Issue

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I have notice that every time I log out of the game with a fully charged Jade Bot, when I return the next time, my Jade Bot has no charges left in it.  I know the batteries are everywhere, but you know how me is, i am lazy to charge my bot 😛 unless I really need to do it, IE: because I have spent it. Therefore, I would like to request that -->>


to please make changes: 

Jade bot battery stays as it is , if I have 3 charges left , i will have 3 charges on log in. 

remove all the charges , thank you very much. 

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2 minutes ago, KThallus.7402 said:

Agreed, I would like to ask one thing...how do you tell how many charges that you have.  The only way I know is to keep going to batteries and filling up until I get the you have full charges message? 

There's a blue battery/suitcase-shaped buff on your bar, with a number in the corner. If there is no buff, you have 0 charges.

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I would love to see that extended to map changes/instance changes as well. 

I always decline map switching when I have a ton of buffs, because loosing those often are not compensated by the "reward" you get for switching.

Kinda dissapointed that Battery Chargers are showing the same behavior.

It is also not a limitation on buffs, because when you build up Event buffs in Dragon's End, and switch map, they are not lost. So I do wonder why all other buffs are?

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