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Possible bug with the achievement "Jade Sea Warfare"

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Hi there!
My problem with this achievement comes from the point before the last. The "Meet Aurene at the top of the Harvest Temple." inside the "Jade Sea Warfare" achievement.

I made the meta 6 or 7 times, I think. I defeated the dragon and every time I used the Zip Line to get up on the Harvest Temple. 

Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged? Is it just me or are there also players having this bug?

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This was already posted on the other thread, but since I did the "Meet Aurene on top of the Harvest Temple" achievement myself last night, I will repost it:

Approach the platform on your Skyscale, but do not land yet. Wait a bit off the platform for Aurene to arrive and the timer to run down to 3 seconds, then move towards the platform and land by Aurene's feet.

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