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Please add Inns/Hotels/beds to new maps

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Veteran here since core game beta...this game has been a fantastic escape from reality at times, when reality (nasty c word, 5 times 2008-2016) got a little rough.  In the main, I enjoy this expansion, the beautiful artistry of the environment, the fishing, skiff, jade bots, and the humour of the NPC dialogue. ❤️

Yes, there are some bugged events, hoping they'll be sorted soon so we can access elite specialisation items locked behind them and related achievements.  Nope, haven't got my turtle or my elite specialisation item - that it is locked behind an event that appears linked to RNG - a big disappointment 😞 - and since my account RNG is pants, well, I'm resigning myself to not acquiring them any time soon.  I've participated in the meta 3 times, but never got any closer than 40% - I won't go into it here, because other threads have already covered it.  My daughter and I are staying away from the meta until something changes, because our game time is limited and we would prefer to spend it on activities where wins are achievable and not so reliant on luck and other people.  I wish the egg would have been linked to the story somehow, or linked to a protecting the hatchery event in Dragon's End that can be soloed by casual players in a similar way to previous mounts.

I would have loved more parts of the city interior explorable as in the core game and other expansions, and inns to put out characters 'to bed'.  In the new maps, I've found only one place where characters can sleep - on a mat in a cathedral of sorts - while not ideal, will have to do.  I feel bad just logging off in the middle of nowhere, leaving my character standing.  People my age may remember when the film Tron came out...so I blame that blurring of fantasy and reality on that.  

It would be lovely (though not sure how possible) if nicely furnished and comfortable rooms could be added into each map so those of us who like to put their pixel action figures in a bed after adventures can do.  As has been my routine over the years, my characters go to sleep in Hoelbrak, where there are lovely beds, some near a fire for warmth.  With the new maps, it would be nicer to be able to sleep in the city.  Currently, my character is asleep on a table in an NKC tearoom. 😄 

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