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Still unable to download all the files at launch + Still freezing when having to talk to Minister Li

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I'm facing two issues right now, and none on what i've read on the forum have been able to unlock those issues so far.

  1. Currently I am unable to download the whole extension during the launch screen, since the remaining files count freezes. I've read several related thread on how to fix this, but currently none of what i've tried following the advice given there have been of any help.
  2. In game, the game still freezes after talking to the emperess. She departs after tellling me to talk to Minister Li then the game freezes, preventing me to go further in the Story Line (so, basically i know nothing of Cantha so far ^^)


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Just wanted to chime in to say i'm having the exact same issues. Still downloading the expansion (27K files to go) and rarely does the number of files decrease after login. It's only when i close and re-open the client that i can see how many files there are left.


The game-freeze when prompted to talk to Minister Li is completely shutting me out of the story; i submitted a support ticket about a week ago and have heard nothing.


Guess i'll just do dailies, if i can be bothered.

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