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Deepest secret way out crashes every time

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I am crashing everytime when I want to leave the area with the guided thing, it starts then game crashes

2 tries with full graphics, 1 try with low graphics, crashes 100%


I cant continue the story and every time I have to redo everything once more


any idea?

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do u get a crash error code, u might wanna write down that error code here in order to better get help / understanding on what is happening, it might be the specific content that is bugged it is hard to say but if u get a crash u should have an error and providing that error probably will get u further than a why .

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After all this time I tried again, it froze again. Now instead of End Tasking GW2 through the task manager, I force minimized the game to come check on this forum for some updates. As soon as I minimized the game, it unfroze and jumped into the cinematic.

Hope this helps anyone experiencing this problem


ps: The game has been freezing just before cinematics here and there ever since. Every time it happens, I Alt+Tab until the game minimizes and it fixes it.

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