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[EoD] Angler Vest Skin - Neck Area Problem

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Problem: Angler Vest skin has a dark area/shade around whole neck that should not exist.

Tested on Human Female and Human Male.  Angler Vest neck area seems to share a design resemblance with Ancient Tahkayun Jerkin skin and somehow the issue slipped past the QA team. 

Below video clearly shows the problem, I'm hoping for a fix while teams are tasked with EoD bug smashes and improvement as this is clearly ruining the look. I'm aware video is recorded low preset but this is more than enough to depict the problem. 

[&CjMoAAA=] : Angler Vest

[&CggpAAA=] : Ancient Tahkayun Jerkin (Neck area silhouette seems the same with Angler)

[&Cu8iAAA=] Metal Legion Shirt (For comparison)

EDIT: Added a picture link clearly showing the problem.



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