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Maps are beautiful, but why do they fail to fill? My thoughts.

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I love the new maps. They look gorgeous and the various locations are memorable. I adore the slight jade cyber-punk feel it has. But maps never feel even half full. Is it bad population planning, or something else?


We all know the maps were weirdly designed to not have high player capacity. All maps are by designer choice left to be empty compared to other maps in other xpacs, and we all know how it affects both player morale for events and gameplay when it feels like no one is around. But is this the only reason? I think not.


All the maps are void of black lion merchants, banks, and crafting stations. These locations are essential for many people who don't have a wealth of access passes in their inventory at their disposal. Need a specific food? Even if your main is a 500 chef, you need to map hop to cook. Bought something on the trading post? Gotta map hop to collect. There are no locations that serve as your hub of sorts, even in the first Canthan map as a luxury pass, which is utterly bizarre. This means you can't stay in maps to do, well, anything with inventory management and crafting. Eye of the North, or any of the hub passes, are now the best bet, and with the higher costs of wp hopping into Cantha, its much less feasible to just port back in and out. 


These mixed with the major bugs, low base population, and waning morale, I think has made the perfect storm for empty EoD maps. They are beautiful, but there is no reason to stay.

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