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RNG vs 'real' difficulty

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Yes... ANOTHER thread about THAT meta.


I just honestly wonder. Is the Dragon's End meta really that bad? I just feel that the main problem is not really the difficulty, but RNG. It's hard to look into your own performance and mastery of the encounter when it keeps getting fogged by very impactful RNG of stuff like how many breakbars you get, long attack animations, tails spawns etc.


For me personally there is no problem with aiming for high difficulty, the RNG factor is what makes it FEEL unfair. Just let people know that it is THEM who can do better, and not fail them because they were unlucky enough to get only 1 breakbar phase which got interrupted by some attack animation/phase transition anyway or whatever.


Less RNG -> more space for player skill to actually start to matter. The meta isn't necessarily too hard. It's just way too RNG, so it's hard to even pinpoint how hard it exactly is in the first place, so I don't see a point in discussing whether it "should be nerfed for casual open world players or you need raid squad x5" or whatever people are talking about right now. I would love to have Dragon's End as that high difficulty meta which tends to fail if not prepared, but only if I can trust that it IS fair and the failure is on the players, not the RNG, which I personally believe that's what is missing right now.

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Yah....just did it today and failed because we missed CC, thing is I didnt expect the CC bar to appear while we go for the tail, so everyone was busy with the tail despite one person yelling CC, you can guess what happened next.

I like this meta and do not agree on nerfing (some adjustments are welcome but dont let it be braindead), focus on fixing the RNG

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