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Why is the griffon so expensive?

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10 minutes ago, Alcatraznc.3869 said:


I would like a proof to back up that claim because it is simply wrong.


Comparing Skyscale to Griffon is like comparing a helicopter to a jet. Skyscale is indeed arguably better for exploration since you can glide and climb but Griffon is much better at traversing map when starting from a high ground.  So yeah, you will not see people use the skyscale when all they have to do is glide a bit and climb some rocks. But if you have the high ground and you have to reach a location very fast, Griffon will be used over Skyscale.


Plus Skyscale isnt really fun to use. It does its job perfectly but it isnt fun. Griffon on the other hand is fun to use

I get more griffon use for lots of reasons, not least of which because its fast compared to the lumbering skyscale...but the reality is that the vast majority of players in PvE events since LW4 have been on skyscales. Most likely because for any mindless meta event (i.e., 99% of them), you can literally switch brain off and follow the train on a scale, which you can't do anywhere near as easily on the griffon.

On top of that, the scale has replaced the bunny entirely, which is another role the griffon can't easily fulfill. 

Griffon has limited but excellent functionality, like the beetle. Locking it behind a big gold bounty is silly at this point in the game.

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Griffon is not just a mount, its an additional game mode, an expansion. A fantasy jet simulator. Ive probably spent more time just flying griffon than playing some lw episodes. 

Give more hard griffon courses pls. 

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On 3/8/2022 at 4:41 PM, Labjax.2465 said:

I was trying to save for working on a legendary and now I gotta choose between that and this 250g on top of the rest of the collection. First you send me on an easter egg hunt, then I realize the easter bunny is gonna come knocking asking for its cut, that's messed up. Blink twice if you're being held hostage by the easter bunny mafia for gambling debts, Anet. I will send a crack spec ops team of my best 1,000 skritt to come rescue you.

I just wanted to fly and swoop and dive and zoom around like I've seen in a video of what this thing can do if you use it cleverly. T_T I think 50g would be much more grounded and reasonable. It's not really a free flying mount anyway, right, so the prices soaring so high is a bit on the unreasonable side. The next highest I'm aware of in Path of Fire is 20g for the Jackal, so since this a special hidden mount, I think 50g would be ok for a jump up, good for a dive from 250g. And then you can refund the people who paid full price for it already.

Like I said tho, LMK if the easter bunny is holding you hostage. I won't be able to help if you're being held in a roost somewhere cause I don't have a griffon, but I can offer my sympathies.


idk how you reply to specific people in forums, but here we go... so, if it was brand new, i would agree that 250 gold is a little steep, but then Skyscale came out, and i would have rather paid 250 gold and do a few quick collection hunts, than the month long torture that was the Skyscale grind (inb4 someone says they did it in 3 days, i admire your patience to dedicate 12 hours a day to a single thing).


 considering that flying mounts nearly make gliding obsolete, i think they wanted to make them feel like a total pain to unlock, either monetarily, or time-wise.

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