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New changes coming to WvW or no?


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Well overwatch just got lifted off the ground and moved to Narnia but are there any other changes coming to WvW?

If there are more changes coming will the "WvW devs" let us know what are you guys working on so we can give feedback or will you lads stick to policy "We will deliver when it's ready and it will take us another year to launch any new update to WvW".

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@Loosmaster.8263 said:

@CrimeMaker.8612 said:

@Loosmaster.8263 said:We will have huge Maintenance done tomorrow, lol.

It's not a change. They have done maintenance before as well not new bro. It isn't gonna reduce lag.

Uummm... sarcastic remark.

My bad just upset about the fact they literally did no changes to condi dps or spam or stack

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