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making a discord group


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so im making a discord group for guild wars 2 to help the shy players like myself find some new online friends. i do have a guild but its got 2 members and at first i was going to make this group for my guild but then i decided to make it for everyone that wants to be apart of it.

it will have an events calendar, pvp channels, wvw channels, and discussion sections. kind of like the forums but more live and instant. let me know if your interested ill post link once its done just have to add mod bots.

there will also be a raid section for the off meta raiders that dont want to run it down mid as they say.

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@Eldrevy.9147 said:Cool that you're starting a guild and I do sincerely hope for the best, but this isn't the place to post your guild ad :P there's a section of the forum dedicated to such here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/categories/looking-for-guild

Not trying to sound rude or anything just thought I'd help you out for better feedback!

It's not for my guild I don't have a guild. At first I was going to make it for a guild but then I decided to make it a player helping player discord group for people that don't post in the forums and want to connect to gw2 players.

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