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Catching too many legendary fish (bug??)

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15 hours ago, Booey Bubblehead.4890 said:

Earlier in the day I caught 2 legendary Sailfish in Saitung within 10 minutes of each other. 


Now, I have caught 3 more legendary Sailfish and 2 ascended Skipjack in about 15 minutes time.  I feel bad for my friends trying to complete their collection and I am getting all these.


Is this a bug or just rng?

Pretty sure its rng,in new kaineng i caught 3 legendaries from 1 hole with mackerel but it could also be because my fishing power was maxed out as far as i understand having higher fishing power increases odds to catch more rare fish by alot hence why its sometimes harder to catch something like the mullet out of fishing hole compared to the others

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