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Which Of My Characters For Running Honor Of Waves?

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I have not run dungeons or any instanced content for years, but I want to acquire Symbols of Koda to purchase Runes of Sanctuary.

My three best characters are:

* Power Reaper
* Power Banner Warrior
* Engineer (Condition Mech and Boon Heals Mech builds)


Which of these would work the best in an LFG group for Honor of Waves?

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From what I've seen of dungeons as of late, they are by and large a "bring whatever you want" kind of affair.  They were designed, and run, in a time before healers and buffers were a thing.  Because of this, 5-DPS parties were the norm for completing them.  This... was also when DPS was much lower.

If I were to pick one from that list of 3, I'd go with the Reaper, largely because its bulk and disabling conditions are probably capable of soloing the dungeon.  

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I think pugs would be fine with either one, assuming being average or good at all of them I think Preaper has most utility in an unorganized comp (mostly thinking "Can bring cpc for entire unexperienced group which destroys all projectiles/5 target defense - yes your teammates do have to be standing inside the cpc", "Can bring spectral grasp to cc and cleave mobs for entire group - 5 targets and all 5 members of the group can cleave", "Generally slightly harder than the other two to get downed when you haven't practiced enough to know which attacks to dodge".)

Meanwhile Engi has superspeed, Heal Alacrity Mech might be great however I cannot speak for that since I haven't played it yet, Condition Mech (don't know how fast it's condis tick, if it's like cfb it should be fine) should be fine too - although Power Holosmith is (imo) more likely more effective for dungeons than its condi variant, as the mobs and bosses have relatively low HP Holo and can also bring pulls for mobs.

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