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Ecovald Wilds.. doubts


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The Jade Brotherhood is a group of scrappers and mechanists of sorts that stole their name from an old gang from GW1. The original Jade Brotherhood was a gang comprised of wayward nobles among others who had a bitter rivalry with the Am Fah (basically sewer rat gang). The "neo" Jade Brotherhood was established by Chul-Moo, the co-founder of Xunlai Jade (Joon's company) who left because he had more extremist ideals. He recruits the poor looking for a chance to get into jadetech, and the group largely scrounges from the junkyards of tossed aside jadetech to renovate and sell at a much lower price to the poorer people of New Kaineng. They're a mixed of "well intended" and "outright con artists" jade technicians.


The Speakers are an pro-environment turned ecoterrorist organization. They began as protestors against the growing jadetech use developed by Xunlai Jade (again, Joon's company), seeing it as harmful to the environment (and if you've seen the junkyards, they're not wrong). In "recent" times (note: all of this is relatively recent as the Xunlai Jade became a big thing ~20 years prior to EoD - 1318 AE is when the reactor that powers all the jadetech was renovated into what it is by EoD's start), the Wardens returned and Tetra Earthcaller took over the Speakers. She promised the Speakers to turn them into wardens as well if they do well enough, and turned the environmentalist protestors into full on ecoterrorists through fanaticism. In their ecoterrorism, they bomb jadetech facilities, bind spirits against their will to fight for them, and established a bitter rivalry with the neo Jade Brotherhood.


If the name for the first group wasn't signal enough, they're a very thinly painted parody of the Jade Brotherhood and Am Fah in GW1, who in turn was a Imperial Canthan parallel to the Kurzick / Luxon rivalries.

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