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Isle of Reflection - Soloable Guild Hall


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I thought I'd share some details about how I solo'd the Isle of Reflection guild hall with my Mechanist. It's a crazy thing I like to do, starting way back with Lost Precipice. I never managed to capture that guild hall because it was a bit too tough and RNG for me, but Isle of Reflection feels more like a challenging strike mission that will tax your focus and resolve. It took me about 5 tries, but I found a condi build with defiance break skills and food buffs was the way to go. Power builds is basically a no-go. With my build setup (not as optimal), I had about 2 minutes left on the clock.

For reference, my sub-optimal build is posted here: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PexAQprlxy0YvMYWMOWL5xaA-zRRYVRRzMixlSEJSFFRHRQIhg8XkhpdEDGpZQyibA-e

I want to stress that it's still quite challenging content to solo.  I don't do raids and don't much care for strikes or PvP. I consider myself "good" with the engineer simply because of how long I've played it doing open world metas and stuff. If you're in the same boat and you have some disposable cash and guild favours to spend, maybe give it a try. The new guild hall is quite well decorated and has a great ambience for fishing. It's quite serene and beautiful (kudos to the artists). Personally, it's one of my more favoured of the guild halls. And if you can't quite solo it, don't be shy to open an LFG for it. It make take some time to find people to help, but I freely help others when I can, and with 2 or 3 people it's even easier run.


For engineers that want to challenge themselves, you need to kite while throwing grenades and swapping to p/p on cooldown to get those burns and confusions in. Also time your defiance breaks so you drop that bar by as much as you can. Sometimes it will take two rounds to get it and that's fine. Just keep the DPS pressure on at all times. And you need those food buffs (rare pizza and master tuning crystal in my case). I tried to play it cheap at first (no buffs), but I would never have enough time to takeout the last boss. Those food buffs are instrumental.

My rough timings.

1. For reference, you have 37 minutes to complete the mission.

2. Finish escort at around 32 minutes left. Move on ahead and kill mobs to keep the escort behind you moving smoothly.

3. Skip trash mobs on way to bosses or around bosses. Always focus on the boss. Let your pistol static shot bounce off any trash you pickup and confuse them to death. Usually the NPCs aggro them off you. Use the stealth on your mount to cruise on by without aggro.

4. Finish first boss (Enforcer; swordsman) around 25 minutes. Mech mostly tanks, just dodge his spinning attack that will always focus on you.

5. Finish second boss (Mage) around 18 minutes. Run in a circle lobbing nades. Only pause after the 5th whirlpool to get your p/p shots in.

6. Finish third boss (Specter) around 12 minutes. Much more relaxing boss to fight because the mech tanks for you. If the boss seems to aggro you too much, stand behind the mech and it will shield you from her projectiles.

7. Finish final boss with 2 mins to spare. A bit harder to fight because his lighting bolt relentlessly targets you. Dodge when you can to help lessen the damage. I was downed twice during the fight, but Jade bot + NPCs got me back in the fight.

If you solo'd the guild hall, feel free to share your own experience.


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My experience from the older guild halls is that the HoT guild halls required three to take--but that was before Quickness and Alacrity were as common as they are now. The PoF guild hall felt like it was higher pressure even with three people (including a Firebrand) in our party, on meta builds.


If this new guild hall is easier than those than I'm happy for the soloers and their personal guilds.

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It's a one time payment of 100 gold and 150 favour. After that, you can try to capture as many times as your sanity will allow :) It will cost you another 100 gold and 150 favour if you decide to change your guild hall in the future though. No refunds (dirty sons of ....).

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Interesting build. I might try that. Wanna solo a guild hall and I tried Lost Precipe - which was too hard. Now with the mechanist (and the mech being tanky) I tried that one again with condition build - the maws seem to work (especially if you get lucky with the placement and kan quickly kill a lot of thrash mobs that tend to do a lot of damage nearby).

Last boss is heavy  hitter though - and might need a different build (quickly switching) than the one I use for the maws. (Needs to break the break bar at least once and then be able to stay alive + also having the mech stay alive or be able to respawn it quickly.) There is a vid on YouTube - have not fully watched this. Ranger/Soulbeast guy with a build that solos Lost Precipe ... I think also focused on conditions. So pets definitely recommended if going solo - I guess.


Edit: Managed to get Lost Precipe solo. If they ever add the option to have multiple halls I might try Isle of Reflection as well. 😄 Out of the previous ones I liked Lost Precipe the most - visually.  Never really liked Tarir and the other hall there. And the desert also is boring. Skiffs + Fishing are nice for the guild hall. Looks cool.(Now to farm shovels or trying to buy them from others for the first mine upgrade ha ha.)

Last boss was not too hard. I tried something with power + ranged attack for the last boss (that does not use conditions) from the mech- cause melee it got killed too fast. In combination with the elite signet it was possible to have the mech actually die every now and then. That also allowed me to just use the rifle for quick CC for the break bar to remove the armor. Was tight and I had low dps (didn't really optimize the gear and used my all-round PvE gear) ...

Compared to that pro raider guy with Holo that speed soloed Lost Precipe on YouTube ... pretty noobish. But the mech helped a lot. Especiallywith the maws in the first step.  Unless super unlucky I never failed this. (Usually between 1 and 3 where I didnt make it - max 4 is allowed the 5 would have you do restart.) For the maws I stayed on heavy condition similar to the build in the OP but hat more sustain (toughness) and less power.

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