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Need some Boonbinger build, play style tips for WvW Squad play


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I was running this spec for some fun in WvW squad play. But one issue I found was the use of the throw and the position. I would normally have to throw outside the radius to control my blight, but this would cause me to lag behind in the tail of the squad, which is never a good thing. 

The utilities also have an offensive use, but I lose out on my ultimate role, which is booning my allies. 


How do you all handle this situation?

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Tried it once, found it to be extremely bad, never touched it again.


The spec has way too many projectiles and mainly offensive boons. For the defensive ones the uptimes are just way too bad.

Also elixirs are projectiles.


While damage Harb can work against bad enemies, against good enemies you will always go back to scourge, sometimes reaper - depending on what the squad is missing (corrupts, range dmg, melee Dmg)

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