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Jade bot UI noise

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3 UI changes bother me about the jade bot mastery:

  1. Scavenge protocol appears as a buff icon. Why? This is information I don't care about: I install the mod once and forget about it. Or is this to remind me, I didn't install a mod? Though from my POV the least offensive jade bot related UI change.
  2. The rescue protocol appears as a buff icon. What for? So I know when I can get downed and rez fast? I don't need this information.
  3. Scavenge protocol spams the chat. This is the biggest why? from me. Why is the extra loot not shown to the right of the screen, where all the other loot is listed? I equally don't care whether I got an extra bag, same way I don't care whether I got this or that item. The loot list at the right part of the screen is perfect - you get confetti explosions of loot, no one cares to check everything they've gotten, and so it works great. You check your bags eventually, manage your space, and move on.

This, added on top of the many new buff icons in EoD makes a mess of the buff list. Arborstone rested, enlightened from the first map, jade bot offense and defense (all those do make sense to see, but clutter the buff list even so). Add a heroes banner and the buff list gets below my mini map, I can't actually see all of the buffs...

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