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Help Yon find ingredients for an insect lure

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Wiki now has a note up saying that Yon doesn't always despawn correctly after the next event, the spider event, which causes the flower event to not happen.  I know I waited over and hour, close to two hours last night and the event never spawned - I was fishing on my alt account while my main was on my other monitor waiting for the event to spawn.  Hopefully there will be a fix for this in today's update.

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I think it may have been improved with yesterday's patch.  I logged in and did my normal farming rotation and as soon as I logged into the toon I'd left is Tseitung, the event was up.  The event pops up on top of the cliff overlooking the west side of the fishing harbor, directly west of fishing harbor heart in Eastern Wilds.  The event moved VERY fast.

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