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Weight of the world, enemies falling through map constantly

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So I just reached this chapter in the story, got through the security, everything's going well. I then reach "Appeal to Joon" and fighting the mechs. I do that, but then I notice one of the Jade Couriers not able to take any damage, and it suddenly regen'ed all it's health. I clear out the rest of the bots, and it just leaves this solo courier unmoving, unable to take any damage (It just says "obstructed"). I leave, rejoin the quest and start this step over again. Things are going well, I progress some more, but then it happens again. And again. It seems to just be these courier bots, but randomly they'll just move to a spot in the room, stop moving, heal back again and after a while they'll clip through the floor and go out of bounds. I can't find a way to stop them doing this, and I can't work out why it happens. I thought it might have something to do with the moving walls, but it happens even if there's no moving walls active in this part/none are actively moving.


Tried this part of the story multiple times now, but it constantly keeps softlocking. When they fall out of the world it doesn't kill them, meaning I'm left on the "destroy mechs to overload the system" steps with nothing else to do. I've tried every single skill I have, nothing can deal even a single point of damage to them, even before they fall through the floor.

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