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Make Dungeons a part of the personal story !

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Hi, french player here. 


So, things started to clear off concerning instanced content with raids and strikes being the main focus now. And it just feels weird having dungeons only for the core game. 

Moreover, they are a big part of the story, regarding Destiny's Edge. 

My take on this is : make Dungeons "story mode" a part of the personal story (scale it for 1 player min). It could be an "optional" quest when you reach the appropriate level. 

And for exploration mode, maybe converting it to strikes will do ? Or it could just remain a mini-quest with corresponding achievements, but without the "Dungeons" label. 


What do you think ? 

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Dungeons are abandoned by Arenanet and ignored by nearly all players.

Adding dungeons to the personal story would make the personal story needlessly more annoying to play through. This is not FF14 and there are no actual incentives for players to repeat dungeons and help other players do them for the story.

Arenanet even went out of their way to turn the one dungeon that was part of the personal story into a single player instance.

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The demographics of players that enjoy playing personal story and those that enjoy playing 5-man instanced content aren't necessarily the same. I know plenty of players that like to play the personal story, but haven't ever played all dungeons (regardless if story or explorable mode). On the other hand I also know players who have played dungeon story modes on several different characters while rarely if ever finishing the personal story.


Both story archs are in game. You are made aware of both (by npc mail in the case of dungeon stories), but have a choice to play either, both, or none of them. Mixing them would make both paths mandatory to anyone who wanted to play either part of the story, taking away choice. Changing the dungeons to scale from 1-5 players would also require some pretty big rework in some of those stories, with probably minimal benefit to the game, since the number of players that would (re-)play the dungeon story modes in addition to those already playing is likely tiny.


If you want to play story mode dungeons, put yourself into lfg, write something like "story mode, 1st time, watching cutscenes" so people know what to expect, and have fun! Or if you're on EU and don't like to put yourself on lfg, feel free to send me an in-game mail. I love playing story dungeons and will gladly join you for a full playthrough 🙂 .

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