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Is 17k dps okay for alac-mirage build?


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On 3/15/2022 at 5:14 PM, Nezekan.2671 said:

Also keep in mind the Golem does not take any extra confusion damage, because it never acts.


Which is also true for any other Golem log and only relevant when comparing cross spec.



Also try to keep an eye on the confusion stacks you can apply once you ironed out the basics of the Ambush, weapon swap and Shatters. It's a relatively chill playstyle and the only difficulty should come from the delay between dodges it requires for the Clones to do what they should.


Considering the boons it applies and it's baseline damage and additional damage that can be gained through the Confusion effect staff Mirage is probably one of the strongest DPS specs and probably no1 in terms of specs slept on. Support Mecha rains on your parade a little bit since with it itself + quick/DPS +3 pure DPS is a comp.

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