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Game client is erratic since EoD update

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I don't know how to explain this but since I got EoD and the game updated to whatever new things it had to offer, my client behaves as in the video.

The shape of the graphic bugs/cuts out randomly at the bottom, the download rate gets stuck at 3mb/sec (I should be getting 30+) and it throttles down to 0mb and back to 3mb every few mins or so, there is no progress display on the bar, and the files remaining count doesn't go down. I am able to log in and play but when I open the map, most areas are blurry and I assume this is lack of files needed to display this which are stuck throttling at the client.

My internet is fine, other games are fine. This is only happening with GW2. Any help appreciated, thank you.


EDIT: Windows 10 latest build PC.

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