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Dragons End Meta

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Im sure im not the only one who's ran this meta several times and not gained from it.


The problem starts even when trying to get in squads. You have to spam to join map for 30 mins approx, then if you finally get on map and lucky enough to have people who knows the event, you still might not have all the right classes in squad. Not enough alac, quick or boon support.


As i see it, this will be one of those events that either needs to get fixed or it will die. And the fix is simple...


Add 5-7 min to the fight or allow 2 squads on the map...i.e 100-120 ppl instead of the 60 or so thats now allowed.

A meta event is suppore to be fun and something you can do with randoms unlike raids and some strikes.


I think these simple fixes would make the meta more fun and not turn it in to the twisted marionette.

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15 minutes ago, Exciton.8942 said:

most organized groups to succeed

This seems to be half the point the OP is trying to make.  Finding, timing, building, optimizing, and coming to terms with your group (that you're 1/50th of) is literally ALL the difficulty of this meta.  

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2 hours ago, Exciton.8942 said:

I think an extra 5min timer should be enough for most organized groups to succeed.

But the reward is still pretty bad to justify spending 2 hours + a lot of join spam. 

Ive no idea what the reward even is.. but yea, should be decent rewards too.

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