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Can't group with my Squad most of the time

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Half the time when I join a squad I"m on the wrong map or instance and when I right click a member it does not give me the option to join then where they are at  half the time it does.  (It would be nice if that actually worked too rather than just changing me to the right map in the wrong location I was already in)   Is there a way to change maps other than joining the team mate which doesn't work half the time?


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Normally there are only two reasons why the option to join isn't shown:

- wrong region (EU/NA) - shouldn't happen, if you join a group on your map or on lfg, but it's not uncommon for e.g. discords which have members of both regions

- different game build - if you have already updated your game after a patch was released, you can't join people who haven't updated and vice versa

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