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What runes?

Legend of Rogue.5394

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Tormenting is still decent actually. You still have some options but most are boring. You just have to know what is it that you want out of the rune, your food of choice and if you are going to be in instanced content or not. 

Lich, Nightmare, Elementalist, Balthazar, Traveler, Sanctuary, Firebrand are all useable. I'd say Lich and Nightmare are your top picks though.

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I went through testing Runes recently, and honestly, Runes just don't matter much anymore as choice unfortunately. 

Between Nightmare, Tormenting, Tempest, Lich, Afflicted, Elementalist or even Berserker or Scavenger Runes, etc., you won't really notice much of a difference at all unless you are doing high level benching. 


While Nightmare seems to have a tiny edge for DPS right now (with +15% Torment Duration Food), you can pretty much use whatever and adjust food accordingly, without any of them doing anything notably unique, fun or useful (although Nightmare transferring one of the self inflicted Plaguelands condis is nice).


Then Tormenting for Quickbringer.

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