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Well of Bounty [Feedback]


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Well of Bounty suffers from a couple of issues. 1) The boons initially applied are almost expired by the time the last boon is applied. 2) The boons are applied only if you don't have a boon, so any boon longer than 5 seconds left will disappear shortly after the Well of Bounty, because the Well can't apply it while it's active.


Suggestion: Make WoB also extend the duration of all active boons on the recipient by 1 second per pulse. This means your old boons won't fall off shortly after the well expires. It also makes the Well more useful for building up a bounty of boons. 

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I would like to see how spectre apply alacrity changed. Which involves well of bounty. Spamming your well with a trait to upkeep the boon doesn't feel good, considering that most classes and do it with one button.

Have WoB apply all the alacrity you need after some concentration investment, along with a few other boons. Maybe vigor, or current boon duration increase. Then have the trait apply something like might or fury instead.


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