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As other people have said it depends on what they're doing. But if you think someone is doing something that shouldn't be allowed report them and let Anet sort it out. They have far more information and tools available to investigate than players do and they're going to do their own investigation whether you do yours first or not.

If they're just standing there then they're not doing anything wrong (and if they do that for long enough the game will kick them to the character select screen, even in towns and other PvE maps).

If they're afk farming using minions, turrets, pets or something similar then apparently it depends on whether they can show they're at least keeping an eye on the screen when Anet checks. They'll do things like whisper the player or teleport them somewhere else and see what they do and only ban the ones who don't react. (Also I think it's rarely a permanent ban, it might just be for 24 hours or so.)

What definitely will get them banned is botting - using software to play automatically so they don't even need to be at the computer or can run multiple accounts simultaneously. I don't think Anet have ever said how they detect it (presumably because they don't want the botters to know how to avoid it) but they tend to ban accounts doing it in waves - there will be nothing for weeks or months then a whole load of them are gone together.

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