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I believe the skiff party buff is mildly problematic and I shall explain why.

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Never made a post on the forum before. I will try to keep it relatively simple and try to keep the wall of text to a minimum. I enjoy fishing but I see a problem more in the community aspect of the skiff and fishing on it. 

I believe it has negative ramifications to the community and promotes either closed off or fairly anti community / anti social tendencies. You spend a bunch of time to stack up a buff that improves the fish you catch and your ability to catch the fish. Depending on how many people this could take some effort to stack up and its very very worth keeping stacked. As it stands, map hopping, getting your boat destroyed or just having a brief trip to land away from your boat can reset your stacks. Say for example... a map meta starts like New Kaineng. You are discouraged from joining into the meta if you do not want to lose your stacks. How many times have you been in a meta or tried to get a map meta going in the new maps and had the map fill up with only like 10 - 15 people in the party able to join and almost no one in the map taking part in the meta. 

Its not necessarily the fault of the people playing the game how they want... but the way its designed also discourages players from stopping their fishing and joining the map. We have these wonderful food buffs which increase our combat capabilities and fishing capabilities but they are limited to defending the boat. I propose a minor change, in that so long as you stay on the map... you let people keep the stacks. I would like to pause my fishing, help the map and return to fishing unabated. I don't think this is a unreasonable request and I think it would be good for the community. It might remove a tiny bit of the challenge of fishing (not really, outside of a map closing or going afk and having a drake eat my boat... or having the game crash on me, i don't really lose my stacks) but when i first joined this game i thought it was one of the brightest and friendliest communities. I think we ought to encourage that. 


Rant over. Probably just shouting into a void, but its something that has been bugging me. 

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