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Why are there so many ghosts in Seitung ?


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Especially in Seitung Harbor, I see lots ghost villagers there. Just going around doing the usual "villager" stuff. Is there any lore reason for that ?


We have our rampant ghosts in Ascalon because of the Searing, but what about this part of Tyria ?

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As far as I can tell, it's not really seeming like full ghosts of people?


Either way there is comments (IIRC) about how there was so many ritualists at Shing Jea during the academy years, and in relation to that the island just has a LOT of ghosts and spirits that hang around for the most part, harmless and friendly.

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4 hours ago, Laken.9018 said:

Its part of an event chain to do with someone causing it.
Now the real question is what the heck are the Envoys doing if the dead are able to come back so easily.

Well the Envoys were employed by the Oracle of the Mists. It wouldn't be surprising if that practice was lost with the Zhaitan Disaster, since the current Oracle of the Mists doesn't get mentioned anywhere AFAIK.

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