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Drop rate is broken

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you may find this more helpful that just grinding on random mobs for drops.



for the next few days you can receive Onyx lodestones as map rewards for completing events in Frostgorge sound.  there are 4 listed in the current weeks track, remember that diminishing returns exists, and farming harder will not yield better results.

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Yeah, lodestones are rare, so they are. 

It's usually not a good idea to grind for a special item, unless it's something like map rewards, which are consistant. 

But they are kinda cheap on the TP, also, you can upgrade core to lodestone, it's usually cheaper than buying them and core are more frequent drop

Droprate is fine, I mean, if it was that commun, it's will be dirt cheap on the TP, simply because most people simply drop them by playing the game, without trying to farm them

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Well, my guess is that they probably want to avoid the case of someone grinding some specific mob for specific material but rather engage in diverse activities, gaining diverses material, sell them, and buy what they want. 

So it provide varied gameplay and also act as a gold sink for the game since both what you sell for gold and what you buy will have taxes, destroying gold from the game, avoiding inflation. 


It's probably very different from most game, but the economy in the game is quite robust actually, in consequence

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