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Noticed, yeah it's a huge bug and reason why I don't use any of them now, took some to notice and fully test but yeah you are correct : EoD pets are unresponsive for at least 2s after the ranger unleash or even in general when using them on core ranger....a big bug and we don't know when this will be fixed....but there is no rush...it's not like the pets are that good to start with........

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It's unfortunate as I was wanting to have the Wallow active alongside my Reef Drake. But waiting 2-3 seconds for the creature to wake up is an eternity in a pitched fight and the grave-like silence of ArenaNet is disheartening.


It would be nice to have official statements letting people know a bit more about what's going on with things like that. Even if it's basically saying they're unsure of where these issues stem from.

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