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Palawadan Meta Bug - Cannons and The Marauder

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I've been trying to do the Return To achievements before I head into End of Dragons. On each run, we've had a good group doing it, but the middle Corsair ship is bugged everytime, where the only way to attack it is to either shoot it via range from the docks, or get on a skiff and shoot it because the cannons are bugged with it and do not work. Even using the proper cannons for the middle ship, it shows as "out of range".

 As a result, much more time is spent on this step of the meta than should be and by the time you get to Archon Iberu, there's maybe at best 5 minutes left to kill him if even. We got close once, but it just is not enough time to defeat him with the bugged ships. Maybe some got lucky, but so far its been a lot of failures even with great groups doing the meta.

I'll go ahead and submit a bug report, but wondering if anyone else is aware of this?

EDIT: Bug report submitted.

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