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Server transfer?

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Sorry to ask this here, but I can't find anything in the gem store, no search function on  the GW2 website, & nothing when I search the forums.

Is there a way to transfer servers? I would like to move to the server most of my guild is on so that we can group in WvW. I can't even find if such a thing exists.

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1 hour ago, Sahne.6950 said:

If you delete all your Characters you can even transfer for free!

Wasn't that option removed?

1 hour ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You can not do this; this feature was removed (as an exploit) some time ago.

Exactly. Thanks.

4 hours ago, Vayne.8563 said:

From your character select screen, look at the world select on the bottom left.

Edit: Keep in my mind may cost gems though. Or your guild's server may be full.

@Snapdragyn.1238, and the amount of Gems depends on the server's population, as IC's link will tell you.

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