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Unable to attune the new strike rings in forge

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I have the Master Specter's Ring and it won't work in the forge, i've tried over multiple days, different forges and changing the order of the components and nothing works, the Ring of Rebirth from act 5 mastery which is also an EoD stat selectable ring attuned and infused just fine, also checking the wiki the only ring that has recipes listed is the Master Virtuoso's Ring I don't know if that legitimately works or if this issue effects all classes or just thief

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Have had the same issue. I submitted a ticket and was told that "at this moment the Master Vindicator's Ring does not have the 'Attuned' variant". This is currently preventing me from being able to properly run T4's with the support build I main if I use rit gear, which sadly I only discovered AFTER having crafted a full ascended set of rit gear. Frustrating enough that we didn't get any option for an ascended backpack for the new stat, forcing players with full ritualist gear to either up their toughness with celestial or take a DPS loss for something like diviner's if you want adequate boon uptime. But I digress. The attunement issue seems like a really simple fix, I hope we don't need to wait until a new LS chapter for this to be corrected.

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Can confirm that the Master Virtuoso's Ring and the Master Willbender's Ring can't also be attuned.


It's a huge problem since Infusing first can be expensive in terms of fractal relics for those just starting out.

They can't exactly earn more fractal relics faster (via  T4 dailies or CMs) if missing 2 infusion slots locks them out of it.

Alas, these are one of the few stat-selectable ascended rings that can give Ritualist or Dragon stats, it's a pain point.

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