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ranked is broken atm


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At first I thought you were meming but just experienced the same issue after a ranked Eternal Coliseum match. No log in the game history, no rating change ect. People in map chat were experiencing the same issue, seemingly only with EC* map.

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so i did several matches after yday tho i did wait 20min until i started my next ranked after discovering that my won match didnt count at all, not even displaying, so the next matches i did, did indeed display and worked fine so im not sure what happened or going on but it feels very demotivating playing ranked that is already sweaty content having to play 200% every match to then be uncertain if it will even count, this issue should be adressed asap and looked into, this can and will ruin the ranked experience for many as why would anyone play ranked and gain absolute nothing, no rating, no pips, no rewards even. Hopefully they look into it soon .

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