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[Bug] All enemies invulnerable after Skiff destroyed/despawned

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So yesterday whilst trying to do our daily fishing in Elon Riverlands, my friend and I were viciously attacked by a djinn. My friend went to kill it as I was trying to catch a fish, but unfortunately our skiff (my friend's) was destroyed literally below me. Afterwards, I could normally attack and had my regular skill bar both underwater and above water, however, no matter what I attacked, everything was invulnerable. Relogging seems to fix the problem, but we were able to recreate it by my friend respawning the skiff whilst I was standing on the original one - same issue, everything invulnerable again. I also tried going underwater and resurfaced, too, nothing changed. 
Made a video of it, starting at everything being invulnerable, but including a relog and our attempt to recreate the issue. 

(YouTube Link)

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