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Can we please consider some changes to The Oil Floes meta now?

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I very rarely see this event complete because I never see enough people in the map; the amount of enemies spawning (and the Champion Hydras) are usually too much to handle for the people that I see doing the event, and even calling them out, getting in LFG never seems to get the required amount. It's making it very difficult to catch up with the Return to X meta--and the north event (Brandstorm) is hilariously easy by comparison, and doesn't require two coordinated groups splitting up; I think the difference is obvious too, given the amount of Oil key-parts versus Brandstorm key-parts on the trading post; it just doesn't get done all that often anymore, whether due to incompetence or low headcount.

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For doing the "Return to ..." stuff now you'll probably have to wait for the map to rotate through the daily.

Adding some sort of mechanic to fix the drilling rig would help greatly for times when you get people luring every attack on to it. Right now there is nothing you can do if people do stupid things.

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