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Noah Salazar.5430

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What you think about that:

Insted of having healer your taking that 2 builds:

Harbringer: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSABoitjlhyAZpMNWLm6X1xVA-zRRYVh3MmyI3UojKw7DiIUHEP8tc/0G-e

-> Quicknes,10 might, Swifness, Vampirism, Resses ,  22k dps

Mechanist: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeABkql7lZw4YdMYWMWqP6RVA-zRJYoRPfg0GCdJQYF4cIE0eoPHBul3PrA-e

-> +100condi aoe, Alac, 22might, Prot,Vigor,Regen, Team Barrier, 20k dps


Mechanists gives 2-3k barrier, and Harbringers offheal rest that when tought with life stel from Vampirism/ ress ppl that get downed

Comp: qdps,adps,2dps,bs


Have you any ideas to improve synergy better?

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I run condi quick harb alongside a harrier mech for CM fractals every day. Works great, only weakness is there's not frequent aegis/stab uptime.


Alternatilvy you can solo heal mech: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PejAk6lZwaZuMPWKeyTbRVA-zxIYwoh/MqWBkuEwuzS7fWA-e with 31k Condi Quicknes Harbringer 

Mechanist keeping up perm 5-6k barrier insted of 3k to before seting and have healing options

(as engi main i not recomend harrier as 50% boon duration is inaf to upkeep all boons perm)


And y, thay schold buff Stab on Mech from 1->2 (on f2)

Having 1 stab on 30s is joke

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2 hours ago, Asum.4960 said:

Just as a quick note, Transfusion is entirely non-functional with Harbinger, as they forgot to hook it up to any Harbinger Shroud skill since Beta 1.

The blight side is that you don't pull your fallen allies at the feet of your foes.

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