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This is the MOST Pragmatic Way to Rework Catalyst and Ele


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Is if we could borrow the dev leads of Vin, Mechanist and Harbinger. Ok Im being greedy, just one of the dev leads out of the 3 should be suffice. Im a PvPer and have 5+ Catalyst builds that I rotate around with and at best (which is never lol), it can possibly be on par with EoD apex predator specs but I have to put in at least 300%+ effort. 


I've made a post on here about how fun the d/d cata build was during the final beta in hopes that there would be a final re-work (buff cata hammer, normalize the obvious over performing specs at the time) but that didn't happen. 


Been thinking, maybe there's some weird office politics going on and the ele team got the non-influential, low budget interns. No sarcasm here but doesn't it seem like it, considering how the catalyst lacks identity/strong purpose? Augment, Aura, Energy, Combo fields, light armor wielding/spinning a hammer yet does meh damage.... so much going on but lacking synergy. 


From the pattern I've been seeing, if this spec/class in general were to get some sort of buff, it will likely get dumbed down. 

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