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[EU] ORCA - Consortium themed relief effort/adventuring guild

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The following is a message paid for by the consortium.


"Involved in recovery, whenever and wherever."

Join O.R.C.A* today!

Moving on from our humble beginnings as a private military corporation gracefully funded by the consortium, we at ORCA, following the conclusion of our first dividend wish to look forward. ORCA is evolving with the future in mind. Following a string of extremely successful and lucrative missions, leadership in ORCA has rebranded from private military to a relief effort. The guild will mostly be focused on disaster relief, diplomacy, and crisis management going forward. As always, our doors are open and anyone willing to do good, whether they are established heroes or are looking for a blank slate, is welcome in our ranks.


The Consortium ORCA offers unique employment opportunities to those dedicated enough, allowing the skilled to rise through the ranks and reap unique benefits!

*Patent pending



What is ORCA?
Following the start of a new chapter in its narrative, ORCA has moved on from essentially a corporately owned private military to a relief effort, crisis management, and diplomatic assistance. Past all the rhetoric though, very little changed; they still hire just about anyone and deploy them on missions, the main difference is that the missions have a more positive impact on Tyria rather than just being in the interest of consortium profits (which of course is still important for the shareholders and higherups).

An easy way to put it would be that ORCA has moved on from being a pretty obvious blackwater parody to something more resembling something of a mix between doctors without borders, blue helmets, and a little bit of your average mercenary company such as blackwater. The focus has generally shifted away from destroying an enemy and more to assisting in recovery (while still fighting hostile forces).

ORCA now also has a cadet training program titled CaPo (short for Cadet Programme) which essentially functions as a fahrar or orphanage with more funding mixed with boy/girl scouts type activities (it's kind of based on my experience with the junior red cross organization). It was established halfway in the first chapter.

ORCA has 4 leaders, each responsible for a specific branch:
Tower Charlot
Tower Charlot, otherwise known as the hero of Nebbo Terrace or the clown in armor is an ascalonian born seraph elite that's more or less a celebrity among the human soldiery. He is mostly known for his ridiculously high body count against centaurs as well as often single-handedly repelling their assaults on his home. He's also well known for his charismatic, outgoing personality and god-awful sense of humor. He's fond of dad jokes and wordplay, turning faces wherever he goes and not always for the better.

Tower, being a seraph elite very rarely travelled out of Kryta, in fact the only reason he ever left would be to visit his ailing mother back in Ebonhawke. So when the consortium, offered him an employment opportunity that was more than attracting tourists to southsun cove, he did not hesitate.

It was far from ideal, however, as the consortium looked at Tower's file closer only once he had already been hired. Tower was always a soldier, never even graduating above corporal due to some controversial statement on the divine pantheon and a joke about Logan Thackeray that was in rather poor taste. Moreover, Tower is not a leader, just a soldier. He can only offer his reputation and combat prowess to ORCA, not leadership.

Tower in his suit of powered armor is in charge of the military branch, he's the first in and the last out and always seen in front of members of ORCA with his shield raised ready to absorb damage.



Maria Von Kreisler
Maria Von Kreisler is a former fallen angel colonel with an impressive track record of military victories. Unfortunately, she was charged with war crimes and was discharged. She is currently awaiting her trial. The incident occurred several years ago when she was tasked with overseeing another meeting at the summit. She took one of her battalions on a fairly routine security patrol when she was ambushed by separatists. She defeated the majority and had captured, the problem was that her men were injured exhausted from the battle and wouldn't be able to escort them to a holding facility, so she chose to execute the prisoners.

She was fiercely reprimanded and thrown out of the fallen angels shortly after. It was a tough decision for the fallen angels to discharge someone with her military track record, but the political climate couldn't allow someone like her to continue operating. She struggled to find work with her current reputation, and with serious charges hanging over her she made a pact with the devil.

Being a relatively large corporation with decent resources, the consortium offered her the help of their corporate lawyers. In exchange she would have to sign the same contract Tower did, effectively recruiting her as the second leader to ORCA. Unlike Tower, however, Maria is not a charismatic walking PR machine nor is she an eye-catching celebrity. Maria is a strategist and a leader.

Calculated and well composed, Maria is in charge of the intelligence branch. She's typically behind or around Tower, trying to get a critical shot in an enemy before they get anywhere close to her.



Golemancer Grug
Grug is a brilliant golemancer for rata sum, mostly known for LODR and SBRE class golems, the latter being one of the most dangerous battle golems on the market. He also wrote several books on golem operation but is all in all a bit of an insecure nerd. His confidence has grown with the guild but he still often lets his boss walk right over him.

Grug has worked for the consortium ever since his parents passed, and until then he lived in their attic. He was always smart but lacked the charisma to start his own krewe and research something meaningful (other than a shoddy attempt at selling NFTs to others in rata sum, which he nearly got arrested over).

Ever since he joined the consortium as a low-level golem engineer and professional bootlick, Grug has lost any semblance of self-respect and assertion. For the longest time, he got by on just over 5 hours of sleep and held down several jobs within the consortium for extra money and hopefully some respect from his boss. Instead, he was assigned to overlook ORCA and now does several jobs for them, including Financial manager, ECHO-net programmer, asset administrator, golem programmer, and engineer, structural engineer, mission planner, administrative manager, and announcer.

Grug is in charge of the asset branch. As someone that is generally averse to violence but otherwise is nearly unparalleled in his work ethic, Grug is a perfect fit for the asset branch which in itself is averse to combat and generally relies on other branches for support in battle.



Sylvia Sunshard
Sylvia is likely one of the youngest guild leaders in Tyria. She's 19 and already has several Ph.Ds under her belt, most notably ethology and medical which is well served in her job as a medic and subsequently the medical administrator. Sylvia was also with the consortium for quite some time, serving as the primary manager of project kennel which sought to rapidly domesticate large animals such as hydras, adult wyverns, griffons, and other animals that traditionally don't respond well to ranger charming, mostly because Sylvia does not charm them but rather establishes a bond. In essence, she is their pack leader.

Being an ethologist (essentially animal behaviour sciences), Sylvia is in charge of taking care of all the animals she essentially purchased from project kennel that reside below the guildhall. Of all 4 leaders, Sylvia is the least likely to lead a mission mostly due to her age and low confidence. She typically lets other leaders to the leading and focuses on helping members of the medical personnel improve their skills in healing.

Sylvia is in charge of the medical branch, she directs the other medical agents in the guild and manages the medical dossiers. She's responsible for both the good health of members of ORCA and civilians in need of care following disasters.



What kind of rp should you expect in ORCA:
Short version: High octane comic book style badassery.

As mentioned before, ORCA is a guild that has something for everyone. Heroic characters may join because they too want to offer their skills, not to the consortium but to the two well-meaning leaders that genuinely want to help the people of Tyria. Shadier characters and former criminals may want to join because ORCA offers a high pay-out. And morally bankrupt characters may want to join because the consortium itself is morally bankrupt, and offers a workplace free of the prying eyes of silly ethical boards.


In particular, ORCA does just about anything from crime scene investigation, to disaster relief, to hosting public events to just good old combat missions and anything in between.

While the story and tone of ORCA are more comedic than other guilds, perhaps more significantly though as it pokes fun at all sorts of topics, players can still expect the story to be very real and serious for the most part. In fact, the general tone of the guild and its story is just to be fun kitten guild members doing missions that sometimes have very over-the-top stakes. With the new chapters though, the gloves are off and the humour will have the secondary function of counter balancing the darker themes.


Humor used to be the main draw of the guild, and while comedy is still very central to the stories of ORCA it now serves more as a counterbalance rather than just it being funny to be funny. It generally has a sense of humor very similar to something like fallout, tf2, borderlands 2, doom, serious sam, and battleborn so if that is something you're into then this guild is a perfect fit and if not, there is still a lot of potential for serious story telling.

Lastly, players are encouraged to introduce their own stories and intertwine them with the guild plot. So people can join with their own original storylines for the guild to partake in, with their stories to tell and bad guys to beat.

The Guild Hall
As of now, ORCA resides in what used to be a mansion in Gendarran Fields. The consortium funded the purchase of a guild hall close to their own doorstep in Lion's Arch, making it easy to transfer paperwork between buildings. The guild hall has several amenities such as a dock, a kitchen, bunks for members, a "man-cave" (lounge) where most of the interviews are held, an underground laboratory, armory, a server room and office, a balcony, and a hanger/stable where mounts and vehicles are stored.



Guild features:
-In character open world events, fractals, dungeons, and guild events.
-In character guild chat through consortium built PDAs known as Echo-Boys.
-In character guild progression (guildhall will be bought IC)
-Democratic 'choose-your-own-adventure' style story progression
-Generally democratic and hands off moderation
-Discord RP to keep the action going even when offline
-A comic following the adventures of the guild in the making!
-Weekly In-Character fractal runs or other activities.
-Planned out story, the guild will go through changes as the story progresses.

ORCA Branches:
ORCA has several branches to ensure that no one has to pass up the opportunity to make a living and consequently make the consortium money. Anyone from combatants to scholars have a place in ORCA.

Military Personnel. The military personnel of ORCA is the combative arm of the guild specializing in resolving problems with violence. They are charged with protecting the medical personnel and the assets as well as their bases and objectives. The military personnel branch includes things like soldiers, security, and reconnaissance and is tempting to anyone that can pick up a weapon and swing it.

Medical Personnel. The medical personnel of ORCA is the supportive branch that specializes in undoing damage and injury. They are concerned with healing and carrying injured units off of the fields so they can be mended. This branch mainly focuses on healers, both of the magical and medical variety and it is tempting for medics, doctors, hospices, and menders.

Intelligence Personnel. The Intelligence personnel branch of ORCA is concerned with gathering intel, tracking down targets, and digging up jobs for ORCA to do. Their job is mainly to find smaller contracts for the guild, track down stolen goods and keep tabs on the enemies of the consortium. It's mostly meant for detectives, spies, and contract brokers.

Assets. Assets are a branch of ORCA members that are typically kept away from combat, deployed exclusively with help from the military personnel and medical personnel. They specialize in services that don't directly benefit those fighting on the field but more the guild itself. Assets can include things like scholars, researchers, programmers, golem engineers, and anything else that doesn't exactly like to fight.

Guild Storyline:
The guild has just finished its first chapter which revolved around taking out major criminals around the world or investigating major issues that were intertwined with children that were abandoned and on their own. In response, ORCA has started their cadet training program. CTP is, in essence, an orphanage that provides special care to rescues, offering education, food, and training drills. These training drills are just our weekly fractal runs.

How to get in?:
Message Notaheal.9841 or ElectricFuneral.5874 in-game or join our freshly made discord: https://discord.gg/KtB5TMNsZ9
The discord is the best way to reach us though, given my kinda busy schedule


First page of the comic



And for those inclined, here is a little preview of the kind of humor to expect in the guild:






We got a whole channel dedicated to textshots I find funny and want in the comic.

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