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Elementalist elite spec: The Conscript (fan craft LMK what you think!)


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The Elementalist is a powerful skill caster that proves an invaluable member of the battlefield. Its versatility empowers it to operate under various roles, emboldening the war effort of their comrades. The Elementalist becomes a siege tool with its long range skills and its powerful longbow. It is empowered by its virtues and conscriptions to defeat any threat it comes across. 


Weapon: Longbow


Utility skills: Conscriptions


Class mechanic: Activate virtues when your Honor level surpasses a thresh hold. When your energy surpasses a thresh hold, enter a cavalier state, wherein you sacrifice your defensive capabilities for the ability to unleash a flurry of virtues depending on your attunement, rapidly losing Honor and becoming Brazen. 

Brazen: You are unable to accrue honor for a short period of time.


Honor: Honor is an energy pool that calls upon the activation of virtues. Hitting an enemy increases honor by 1 per strike. Critical strikes increase honor by an additional 2 per critical hit. Condition damage above 500 increases honor by an additional 1 per tick, and increases with every tick whose damage is divisible by 500, so a 2000 condition tick will generate 4 honor. The Conscript must be brazen to activate a virtue. Brazen energy thresh hold: 50. Activating a virtue costs 20 energy, and removes all passive effects of that virtue. Cooldown for activating a virtue: 20 seconds. Activating a virtue acts as attuning to a certain element, so all traits associated with attuning to an element applies to the activation of a virtue while Brazen.


Virtues: Virtues maintain a passive effect while they are not activated. Attuning to an element disables the virtue of that element, but empowers the passive effects of the other three active virtues with ADDITIONAL unique effects. 




Virtue of fury: (fire virtue) Have a chance to inflict burning on critical hits. Chance: 33% interval: 1 second. Burn duration: 1 second.

Virtue of temerity: (water virtue) Chill enemies who are disabled. (1.5 seconds of chill)

Virtue of momentum: (air virtue) Gain endurance with every critical hit. Endurance per critical hit: 2

Virtue of security: (earth virtue) Gain barrier as a percentage of incoming heals: Barrier conversion: 15%


While attuned to FIRE:

 water virtue: partially melt the ice on your enemies, slowing them each time the are chilled. cooldown: 15 seconds. slow: 1 second

air virtue: critical hits on burned foes do 10% more damage.

earth virtue: Barrier conversion is decreased to 5% but damage to disabled foes is increased by 10%.


While attuned to WATER:

Fire virtue: You are healed for a portion of all damage dealt: 5%.

Air virtue: Dodges now cleanse 1 condition from all nearby allies (240 range)

Earth virtue: Healing power is increased by 240. 


While attuned to AIR: 

Fire virtue: when the thresh hold of burning is reached, gain quickness for 2 seconds (15 sec cooldown). Threshhold: 7

Water virtue: When disabled, blind nearby foes. Blind: 5 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Earth virtue: Gain aegis after dodging an attack. Cooldown: 30 seconds.


While attuned to EARTH: 

Fire virtue: your burns torment foes they inflict. Torment: 2 seconds. 

Water virtue: All enfeebling conditions have increased durations. Durations increased by 50%.

Air virtue: Endurance per critical hit is increased from 2 to 4.


ACTIVE EFFECTS:  (all radius of 360)


Virtue of Fury: Summon a fiery updraft from the earth, doing intense damage and burning foes with each hit.

Virtue of Temerity: Summon a healing flood that invigorates allies.

Virtue of Momentum:  Summon a tornado that inflicts vulnerability with each strike.

Virtue of Security: Summon a rocky circle whose borders knock back foes who try to cross.


While attuned to FIRE: 

VoT: apply might to allies who gain vigor from this skill

VoM: apple .5 seconds of burn for each foe struck.

VoS: Damage foes who are knocked back.


While attuned to WATER:

VoF: Apply regeneration to allies within your updraft.

VoM: Remove enfeebling effects on allies within your tornado.

VoS: Allies who pass through its borders are granted barrier.


While attuned to AIR: 

VoF: reduce the cooldown of all equipped skills on allies within your updraft by 1 second.

VoT: Electrify the flood, dazing enemies within.

VoS: Grant superspeed to all allies who cross its borders.


While attuned to EARTH:

VoF: Those in your updraft are crippled by the currents.

VoT: Grant barrier to allies healed.

VoM: Blind enemies who are struck by your tornado.


Weapon skills: (range on all is 1200 unless specified otherwise)


      1: Blazing volley: Fire a blazing arrow that explodes on impact. cast time: .5 seconds. Applies 1 burn for 1 second. Damage: 350 explosion damage: 200

      2. Glorious crossfire: Enflame the air around your target, unleashing three simultaneous attacks that renders your foe vulnerable.  damage per hit: 600. vulnerability stacks per hit: 1 cast time: .25 seconds. (can be cast while running away) CD: 8s If brazen, hits are increased from three to six.

      3. Cheap-shot: Fire a fast shot that blinds and cripples your opponent. Damage: 150. Blind: 5 seconds cripple: 3 seconds. instant cast. (range 900) CD: 12s

      4. Emboldening bolt: Shoot an explosive arrow into the air that explodes and showers an area with caustic effects. Might on allies per debris impact: 2 stacks, 5 seconds. quickness: .5 seconds. Damage: 650. slow on enemies: 1 second per hit. Burn on enemies per hit: 1 stack for 2s CD: 25s

      5. Chivalrous  chantry. Meditate, emboldening allies with offensive boons. If brazen, damage nearby foes. Might per channel: 3. Damage per channel: 900. Radius: 360. Channel time: 2 seconds. Channels: 4. CD: 40s



      1. Vigorous volley: Fire a vigorous arrow that damages and inflicts vulnerability foes struck. Cast time: .5 seconds. Vuln: 1 stack for 4 seconds. Damage: 400

      2. Sundering shower: Call forth a freezing rain of sundering shots, each shot rendering the enemy vulnerable and chilled. hits: 5. Vulnerability per hit: 2 stacks, 4 seconds. Chill per hit: 1 second. Damage per hit: 350. Cast time: .75 seconds. CD: 20s

      3. Dauntless dash: evade backwards, gaining vigor for 5 seconds. Evasion time: .75 seconds. CD: 25s

      4. Grand gesture: Heal nearby allies based on honor level. If brazen, daze nearby allies. Heal per honor: 40. Radius: 600. Daze duration per 10 honor: .25 seconds. CD: 35s

      5. Courteous Chantry: Meditate, enriching allies with defensive boons, healing them, and cleansing conditions. If brazen, chill the battlefield with caustic arrows. Resolution per channel: 2 seconds. Chill per channel: 1 second. CD: 40s Conditions cleansed per pulse: 1.



     1. Intensive volley: Fire an intense and quick arrow that pierces foes. Cast time: .25 seconds. Damage: 500

     2. Hale: Quicken yourself and nearby allies. radius: 360. Quickness: 2s CD: 25s

     3. Zealous battery: attack the target multiple times in a short burst, granting fury and swiftness if hit. cast time: .75 seconds. Hits: 10. Damage per hit: 200. CD: 30s (can be casted while running away)

     4. Resistant round: fire a slow shot in an area, exploding into an electrical storm on impact, and granting boons to allies and damaging enemies. Resistance: 3 seconds. Damage: 600. CD: 35s Radius: 450

     5. Spirited chantry: Meditate, readying allies for battle with every pulse. If brazen, blind nearby enemies with every pulse. Alacrity per pulse: 1s. Blind per pulse: 3s.



     1. Stalwart volley: Fire a stalwart arrow that bleeds foes on impact. Cast time: .5 seconds. bleed: 1 stack for 8 sconds. Damage: 600

     2. Gallant strike: Imbue your longbow with a rocky exterior, and then swing it in a circle around you, stunning nearby foes. Stun: 1 second. Damage: 800. CT: 1 second. CD: 25s

     3. Bold blast: Blast the nearby area with a powerful attack: Blast finisher. 1500 damage. CT: 1 second. CD: 25s.

     4. Intrepid instability: Remove boons on nearby foes. If brazen, weaken foes for each boon removed. Weakness: 3 seconds. Pulses: 3. Radius: 600. CT: 1.5 seconds.

     5. Heroic Chantry: Meditate, stabilizing nearby allies and granting barrier with each pulse. If brazen, immobilize nearby foes. Stability per pulse: 2 seconds. Immob per pulse: 1 second. 




HEAL: Conscripted to Assist: Heal allies for a small amount and become conscripted to assist. While conscripted to assist, also heal when you gain honor. CD: 25s.

UT1: Conscripted to Kill: Blast an area with a powerful attack. All attacks to foes in this area grant an additional honor when hit if brazen. CD: 30s

UT2: Conscripted to Evacuate: Break stun. Gain 100% endurance regeneration. After a dodge, gain +5% movement speed for a short period of time if brazen. CD: 40s

UT3: Conscripted to Restore: Cleanse conditions on all allies within an area. Inflict weakness on all foes if brazen. CD: 30s

UT4: Conscripted to Endure. Grant stability and protection to all allies in an area. Grant barrier instead if brazen. CD: 35s

ELITE: Conscripted to Siege: All Virtues are granted an additional use when activated. If brazen, grant yourself the ability to gain honor for a short period of time. 

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