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Harbinger Player Chatter Voicelines


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I've played a Male Sylvari Harbinger since EoD was released, and I haven't heard a single unique voice line for it. Where as my wife is playing a Virtuoso and they have tons of them. 
My untamed Norn also has tons of voice lines.

Has any other Harbingers noticed the lack of player chatter? Does it happen on other races as well? I've only tested on Male Sylvari, but it seems to be completely lacking any specialization voice lines. 

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I am not sure if there are simply not ANY voice lines for Harbingers, which is a huge bummer, or it's a bug. Unless someone acknowledges it, we will never know I suppose.

It's a shame because every other spec (correct me if I am wrong?) got new specific voice lines. All I hear with the Harbinger is when I go in shroud mode "I am death incarnate" but this has been on ever since I remember Necro in the game.

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1 hour ago, lovemghool.7613 said:

I guess Anet forgot to record some voice lines with all the rush to get the new expansion out 

I could swear my Harbinger shouted "Where is my Elite Specialisation Rune?" the other day when tossing an Elixir, but I might be imagining things.

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14 minutes ago, Rhyn.3806 said:

i'm surprised this hasn't been addressed yet!
i can't find anything confirming or denying if it's a bug, sent in a ticket and was directed to the forums.
guess we're still in the waiting camp, bit of a bummer!

sure hasn't just like the missing underwater skill for harbinger shroud 4 not being there. While we dont do much underwater combat i would still like the skill to exists! 


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