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Why Jade Sea Meta cannot be compared to other meta events.

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Allow me to introduce myself. I have been a commander in the game for 3 years now, and have commanded every single meta event in the game. I love chill content like Infusion Train, challenging content like HoT Meta Train (incl. DS & t4 VB), or marathon content like LS4 Meta Train.

But I really don't like Jade Sea Meta and here's why.

1. RNG.
During Tower phase in DS Meta, we split the squad into two: one to fight the boss, the other to run in circles. This only works because Preservers respawn in a fixed timer (first die first respawn). Imagine Tower phase but Preserver's spawn is RNG, and it's possible for two Preservers to spawn at once. This is the Tail and CC mechanic in Jade Sea boss.

2. Skips.
In Drakkar Meta we used to split the squad into 3 subs, one for each raven gate and miniboss. When we discovered that portals work, it was a satisfying game-changing breakthrough. That's why it was disheartening when "NO GREENS" was fixed. It feels like there's nothing more to learn in the Jade Sea meta - no more new strats to figure out.

3. Mechanics.
In Tequatl there are cannons, in Triple Trouble there's a harpoon. We teach everyone how to use that correctly, and the boss is suddenly a lot easier. In Jade Sea Meta I've searched high and low for anything we could use against the boss - and I can't find any. There are karmic orbs like the ones we see in DWC (not Memory), but does nothing when touched. There's a tornado on the ground that is visible from minimap but serves absolutely no purpose. The Jade pillars and the ley energy are very pretty and that's all it is. It feels like at the end of the day - it really is a player skill check.

4. Learning Curve.
My last and probably most important point: At this point I'm just bored. There's really nothing to discover or learn about the meta. If you wanna have better chances at clearing this meta: Learn your classes, learn your builds, skills, rotation, CC, learn to follow tag, learn to react and move faster. When you've done all this, go and farm DF or DWC where you'll be better rewarded for your speed, or go play wvw where you can kill each other.

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