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Week 3 EOD Supply Drop Dye Canisters

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So let me get this straight. 8 fine canisters, 2 of each type. It takes one to buy the ONLY available dye for a single fine canister and 4/5 (not sure why blue is more expensive) to upgrade to the next level canister (masterwork). So, best case, I have 4 new dyes and 4 canisters taking up 4 inventory slots. Worst case, you already bought a previous supply drop and have already bought the lowest level dyes, so you have 3 of canisters of each that do exactly jack diddly with it taking like 60 of these to get the highest level dye. Oh, and THERE IS NO FRICKEN WAY TO GET ANY MORE CANISTERS IN GAME BESIDES BUYING THEM ON THE TP!!!!!!


WTF ANet????  The least you could have done it given 8 tickets to allow people to pick the canister types they wanted instead of basically providing an inventory nerf.

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