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Suggestion: Add Antique Summoning Stones as possible EoD Meta reward

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Dear Anet


1. Those new Aurene themed legendary Weapons require 100 of these Antique Summoning Stones. Currently there are two ways to obtain these: Five per week can be acquired from Leivas, which would take 20 weeks to craft one weapon. Or they can be bought from the Trading Post, which currently costs as much as a Gen1 Legendary and more than all the other required materials combined.

Crafting a Gen3 Weapon therefore demands a lot more time and/or gold than any other Legendary Item in this game and it somewhat frustrates me. I’m a bit disappointed now since I was really looking forward to craft these new weapons. They look amazing and beautiful.


2. The current rewards for completing any EoD Meta event are underwhelming compared with other Meta events and there’s barely any reason to repeat them aside from achievements and Jade Bot modules. As comparison:

-          HoT and PoF Meta reward us with Amalgamated Gemstones, which are required for Gen2 Weapons and several legendary trinkets

-          Living Season 4 Meta like Dragonfall reward us with Volatile Magic, which can be traded for trophies like blood, bones and scales, which are needed for almost everything

-          Icebrood Saga Meta like Drakkar or Dragonstorm have a chance to drop an Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone, which are needed for many Weapons related to that Season


Now here’s my suggestion: Add Antique Summoning Stones as possible reward to EoD Meta events. I’m not saying that it has to be a guaranteed reward. The drop chance should be as you deem it appropriate. But my personal wish is that the Jade Sea Meta, which might take around two hours, would have at least a high chance to drop one, whereas the Seitung, Kaineng and Echovald Meta would have a lower chance.

Or you could add them to those Meta-related repeat-achievements like the “Eternal Seitung Province Meta-Event”-achievement.

Something like this would make EoD Meta more appealing and it would be easier/cheaper to collect these 100 stones.


Thanks for reading this and thank you for developing Guild Wars 2

You’ve done an amazing job with End of Dragons!

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